Clinton and Lagumdzija join forces again for Shared Societies

Lagumdzija met with former president Bill Clinton, honorary co-chair of the Club de Madrid, during the event to share the ideas about the concept of Shared Societies.

Watch the session here: (min 01.06.00)

Lagumdzija is a firm promoter of the Shared Societies concept, an idea that looks at how to overcome social division and exclussion. In fact, he is currently co-chair of the working group looking at the link between Shared Societies and Environmental Sustainablitly; more broadly, the link to Sustainable Development. The final document with the conclussions of the working group will be released shortly.

Moreover, the former PM of Bosnia established a foundation (SSVFS – Shared Societies and Values Foundation, Sarajevo) to discuss and explore shared challenges across the Balkans. His foundation together with the Shared Societies Project is giving special attention to local governments, because it is in local communities where different identity groups come together and have to learn to live together.

Result of this collaboration was the Sarajevo Declaration: In June, mayors and executives from cities across the region got together to stablish a network of Bosnian Mayors for Shared Societies, and a network of Shared Cities in South East Europe.

It is worth remembering what Bill Clinton said at the first Global Forum for Shared Societies back in Rotterdam 10 years ago, that “We really have no other alternative. We either learn to get along and respect one another – and not define each other by negative reference – while celebrating our diversity, or we are finished.” The concept of #SharedSocieties has been promoted by the Club de Madrid during the last 10 years through its flagship Project Shared Societies.