Members join online summit to commemorate Nelson Mandela

On Nelson Mandela Day, Club de Madrid joined the Mandela Bridges World E-Summit to commemorate the legacy of the South African politician in the defence of human rights and the reconciliation of peoples.

Since 2009, the United Nations recognizes 18 July (Nelson Mandela’s birthday) as Nelson Mandela International Day.

Danilo Türk, President of Club de Madrid and Members Joyce Banda and Zlatko Lagumdzija made speeches on how Nelson Mandela has influenced their political activity, as well as that of Club de Madrid. The organization draw inspiration from Mandela’s legacy of reconciliation, peace and unity to create its Shared Societies Project.

Danilo Türk, Preident of Club de Madrid and President of Slovenia

Joyce Banda, Member of Club de Madrid and President of Malawi

Zlatko Lagumdzija, Member of Club de Madrid and Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina