South to South News: How Does Social Inclusion Drive Sustainable Development?

The Members of the Club de Madrid are engaged to measurement and quantification of Challenges; Democracy, Equity, Shared Societies, Demanding Citizens. Social Inclusion for Social development is one of the most demanded Challenges. The Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda is figuring out how to implement this new challenges, Club de Madrid Members President Danilo Türk (2007-2012) and Prime Minister Abdul-Karim Al-Eryani (1980-1983, 1998-2001), working together with Amina Mohammed and Wu Hongbo, Under Secretary General at United Nations, were advocacying for Social Inclusion at the commission for the High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Agenda. While the focus is therefore not on the development of the goals themselves, but on the content of the Agenda, our speakers concentrated as much on the present as the future of the work at content level. We wanted to highlight the importance of the ideas that have been developed in the Club and supported by the Members and our Shared Societies Project, and we got a broad and very assertive response.