Three Club de Madrid Members lead the NGD Sub-Saharan Africa Roundtable in Dakar, Senegal

Joaquim Chissano, Olusegun Obasanjo and Hamadi Jebali, all of them Club de Madrid Members and former Presidents and Prime Ministers of Mozambique, Nigeria, Sudan and Tunisia respectively, gathered in a two-day meeting in Dakar to discuss with experts, the youth and other stakeholders existing good practices and transformative new ideas to advance democracy in Africa, with particular focus on Sub-Saharan African countries. Joyce Banda, nominated Club de Madrid Member and former President of Malawi will also contribute to the debate. The discussions assessed democratic governance in Sub-Saharan Africa with a view to enhance political participation, achieve sustainable growth and social cohesion and promote access and inclusiveness both from the socio-political and the economic perspective.



In a continent with an immense development potential, some countries still face challenges for democratic consolidation such as poverty, inequality, violence and state fragility. The Sub-Saharan Africa Roundtable of the Next Generation Democracy (NGD) project constitutes a unique opportunity to discuss transformative practices to face these challenges and increase the quality of the region’s democratic systems, developing a Next Generation Democracy Agenda with concrete recommendations for action. The Agenda will be based on good practices and transformative ideas, which have been developed by African countries.



This two-day event was co-organized, by the Club de Madrid, the African Governance Institute and the Government of Senegal, with the collaboration of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, the African Development Bank, Trust Africa and The African Capacity Building Foundation, as well as NGD regional partner, the Institute for Security Studies – Africa, and NGD global partners, International IDEA and the Bertelsmann Stiftung.

The conference took place in the framework of the Next Generation Democracy Project, a two-year, multi-stakeholder process, led by the Club de Madrid in coordination with multiple global and regional partners. NGD facilitates a discussion on the state and future of democracy and aims to formulate both regional and global agendas to advance democracy worldwide. The work is being developed through a three-track analysis of the relationship between democratic governance and People and Communities, Business and the Economy, and Natural Resources and Ecosystems. The discussion in Dakar is the fourth regional roundtable organized by the Next Generation Democracy project following the MENA, Post-Soviet Eurasia and Wider Europe, and the Americas’.

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With the support of
Mo Ibrahim Foundation
African Development Bank
Trust Africa
The African Capacity Building Foundation

NGD Global Partners
Bertelsmann Stiftung
IDEA International

NGD Regional Partner
Institute for Security Studies – Africa


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AGI is an innovative joint initiative gathering key Pan-African Institutions and the United Nations, in collaboration with the Government of Senegal. AGI is a Pan-African center of excellence aiming to contribute to reflection on governance challenges in Africa and formulate possible solutions for regional and sub-regional African organizations, States and Non-State actors.

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