Türk sends letter to G20 urging action for developing countries

The President of Club de Madrid, Danilo Türk, sent a letter to the G20 expressing his concerns about the impact of COVID-19 in Latin America, Africa and Asia, regions where infections are gaining momentum. In the letter, Türk urges leaders from developed economies to prioritize a recovery aligned with carbon-neutrality goals and to address unsustainable levels of social inequality.

Given how unlikely it seems that a vaccine will be available in the next 12 months, Türk emphasises the need to develop therapies and testing, making these broadly available. However, developing countries will require support in identifying, quarantining and treating infected persons.

“We highly appreciate the initiative of the European Union in creating a Coronavirus Global Response Online Pledging Event, to be held today, 4 May, jointly with France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway and Saudi Arabia, to accelerate the Development, Production and Equitable Access to COVID‐ 19 Vaccines, Diagnostics and Therapeutics”, writes the former President of Slovenia on behalf of Club de Madrid Members.

Türk also reminds G20 leaders of the statements by both the Director of the International Monetary Fund and the President of the World Bank about the need to make emergency resources available to developing states. They should be able to access resources and have the fiscal space essential to respond, said both leaders.



We need an inclusive, cooperative and stable global order

We are confronting this crisis with the great powers divided, observes the President of Club de Madrid in the letter. Türk trusts that, under the circumstances, leaders recognise the need for an inclusive, cooperative and stable international order.

Coordination is paramount now that we need immediate actions, such as massive fiscal stimulus in response to the economic hardships, but also mid and long term, when considering a “Green Recovery” that prioritizes clean transportation, sustainable agriculture and climate resilience. Instead, the recovery package should avoid shoring up “the pillars of a decaying structure, enabled with a harmful, carbon intensive economy”, writes Türk.

This is also the time to align the stimulus with sustainable development goals, aim to provide equitable opportunities, combat inequality and leaving no one behind.

“We stand ready to assist you in any way we can, and assure you of our commitment and support in meeting this extraordinary challenge.”, says the President of Club de Madrid, representing the collage of former Heads of State and Government gathered in the organization.