High level Australian, Russian and OECD G20 representatives in the upcoming Club de Madrid Annual Conference on jobs and inclusive growth

The G20 line up during the “Societies that work; Jobs for inclusive growth. A call to the G20” WLA-Club de Madrid Annual Conference has significantly increased: Margaret Kidd, First Assistant Secretary and Chair of the Australian G20 Employment Taskforce will join New Zealand Former Prime Minister and the Club de Madrid Vice-President, Dame Jennifer Mary Shipley, in a Wrap up and Closing Session aimed at formulating a clear call to action to the G20 Group to make job creation and inclusive growth a top priority in national, regional and global agendas.

The G20 focus will also be reinforced with the participation of Elena Zotova, Facilitator G20 Task Force on Employment from the Russian G20 Presidency and OECD Deputy Head of the G20 Sherpa Unit, Nicolas Pinaud, that joins in the Conference’s participants list.

Around 30 World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid Members, all of them former Prime Ministers and Presidents from around the globe, plus 100 other high level international experts will discuss the challenge of job creation and inclusive growth can be better addressed through good governance and visionary leadership. Club de Madrid believes this is an ideal moment for sharing both lessons learnt and innovative strategies to face issues such as the unacceptable unemployment rates; unfair wealth and income distribution; education-labour market mismatches; green jobs for sustainable growth; the protection of vulnerable groups like youth and 45+ workers; new pools of jobs such as green industries, innovative entrepreneurship or the link between the job market, peace and security

Video contributions that will enrich deliberations during the XII Annual Conference of the Club de Madrid are; Kofi Annan former UN Secretary General, Christiana Figueres, maximum UN authority in Climate Change and Guy Ryder, Director General of the meeting’s knowledge partner, the International Labour Organization.

The gathering will be held in the Palmer Coluum Resort (Brisbane, Queensland) the 7-8 December. It will be hosted by Australian MP and Joint Secretary General of the World Leadership Alliance, Clive Palmer, and co-sponsored by Queensland Nickel, Mineralogy and the Nizami Ganjavi International Center, from Azerbaijan.

WLA-Club de Madrid Members from almost every continent will enrich the debate with their regional perspectives, ideas and lessons learnt. Amongst others, its President, Wim Kok, (The Netherlands), and Vice-Presidents Dame Jennifer Mary Shipley (New Zealand) and Jorge Quiroga (Bolivia); Vaira Vika Freiberga (Latvia/Board of the NGIC); Kjell Magne Bondevik (Norway); Alfred Gusenbauer (Austria) or Rexhep Meidani (Albania); Sadiq Al Mahdi (Sudan); Abdul Kareem Al Eryani (Yemen); Cassam Uteem (Mauritius); Benjamin Mkapa (Tanzania); Thiabo Mbeki (South Africa) Chandrika Kumaratunga (Sri Lanka); Roza Otunbayeva (Kyrgyzstan). Some other former Presidents to participate in the Conference include Felipe Calderón (Mexico), Danilo Turk (Slovenia) James Mancham (Seychelles) or Peter Stoyanov (Bulgaria/Board of the NGIC).


The Conference will also feature experts such as; Steve Killelea, (Institute for Economics and Peace); Alexander Likhotal (Green Cross International); Paul Laudicina, (A.T Kearny); Jon Clifton (Gallup); Sukti Dasgupta and Stephen Pursey (International Labour Organization); Mark Getchel (International Organization for Migration); Truman Packard (World Bank); Ismael Serageldin (NGIC) and Guanghua Wan (Asian Development Bank), Aart de Geus (Chairman and CEO, Berstleman Stiftung) among others.

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