UN Secretary General discusses global democracy challenges with Club de Madrid

For 45 minutes the former world leaders and Club de Madrid Members and the United Nations Secretary General discussed about the common work both organizations are doing in favour of democracy, its institutions and its values all over the world. In these uncertain and troubled times with the raise of populist, nationalist and even xenophobic and racists political streams on the raise, the Club de Madrid offered itself to promote democratic values and fostering human rights in every continent.

Prevention as the best way to tackle the threat of violent extremism and the implementation of Agenda 2030 were the main topics addressed in the encounter. Latinamerican Member Jorge Quiroga also conveyed to the United Nations Secretary General his concern about the worsening situation of democracy and human rights in Venezuela.

The Club de Madrid delegation was formed by former Presidents Vaira Vike-Freiberga (Latvia and current President of the CdM), Jorge Quiroga (Bolivia and CdM VP), Cassam Uteem (Mauritius and CdM VP), Valdis Birkavs (Latvia), Laura Chinchilla (Costa Rica) and former Prime Ministers John Bruton (Ireland), Zlatko Lagumdzija (Bosnia Herzegovina), Jennifer Mary Shipley (New Zealand) and Danilo Turk (Slovenia). Members Diego Hidalgo and Anthony T. Jones as representatives of the Club de Madrid’s constituent foundations were also present in this meeting.