Live Session: Securing a People’s Vaccine – Perspectives from the Global South

22 February, 2021

It will bring particular attention to the challenges that low-and-middle-income countries face when it comes to a global and equitable vaccination process.

Live Session: Transforming Multilateralism For Social Justice and Inclusion

1 February, 2021

In a United Nations CSocD side event, Club de Madrid and Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung will present recommendations from the Working Group on Social Justice and Inclusion of our 2020 Policy Dialogue ‘Multilateralism that Delivers’.

Live Session: Leaving No One Behind: The Role of Parliamentarians

13 January, 2021

This activity will be live-streamed here on 19 January on 10:30am CET and 14:30pm Pakistan time.

Live Session: Digital Technologies, Elections and Democracy in times of COVID-19

31 July, 2020

Politics has now caught up with digitalization, but policy is still lagging behind. How can we improve electoral governance in the COVID-19 era? How can we hold electoral processes in the COVID-19 era while maintaining political and electoral rights? Join us in this Online AIWS Roundtable and Club de Madrid Live Session in collaboration with the Boston Global Forum.

Live Session: Inclusive Governance to #LeaveNoOneBehind during and after COVID-19

25 June, 2020

Social inclusion must be at the core of national and international strategies to contain COVID-19. Join our Live Session next 2 July at 10:00 CET.

Live Session: A New Social Contract in the Age of AI – Protection of Privacy Rights in the Times of COVID-19

7 May, 2020

Can we have both? Club de Madrid and partner Boston Global Forum are jointly organising this online policy discussion to exchange views and actionable ideas for a democratic governance of emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, focusing on their impact on the right to privacy.

Former President of Serbia speaks on sustainable peace in Rwanda

16 August, 2019

Lessons on peace Tadic also shared with Rwandans insights on sustainable peace: “There is no possibility to implement sustainable peace without reconciliation.

Club de Madrid to hold its 2018 Policy Dialogue on Education for Shared Societies

11 October, 2018

It aims to mobilize political will around global education for more inclusive societies.

Club de Madrid to host a global discussion on threats to information integrity ahead of the Riga Conference 2018

20 September, 2018

As the evidence of these threats to democratic societies grows, particularly those related to disinformation campaigns on democratic systems, policymakers show an appetite for solutions.

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